Thursday, October 01, 2015

The State of the Bathroom (Literally-Ha!)

Our bathroom has undergone a bit of a makeover this fall.  Fourth grade is the year to learn all about your state--queue a library book pile full of all things New York + postcards + fun facts + wanting to go on more field trips than are humanly possible.  Plus, also, maps.  Big, cool maps that should be hung somewhere.

Much like the Nature Museum conundrum, I couldn't think of a wall I wanted to give up to a giant state map.  Then I remembered that the bathroom is the perfect place for learning new things (captive audience and all).  Thus, we have a New York bathroom.  (Crazy, but true.)

A peek:
A NY shower curtain.  (Who even knew such a thing might exist?)

The main wall with a map, a giant postcard, the New York State Flag.

A vintage map.

And my favorite--the marquee letters.  (Found with a huge clearance price.  That is a "u" turned upside-down for an "n."  Funny, but it works. ;)

Quite honestly, the idea of a state-themed bathroom cracks me up.  It is definitely interesting. ;)

Here's to learning about all things home state.

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