Wednesday, October 07, 2015

From Eclipses to Bungee Trampolines--Our Week

A look back at last week:

Sunday/September 27
We packed a dinner picnic for the park.

Before coming home to watch the big supermoon lunar eclipse.  
(J took these awesome pictures while the older two and I meandered around the neighborhood under the bright moonlight.  It was amazing to see how dark it got during the eclipse compared with brightness of the full moon.)

So, so cool.

Monday/September 28
T has been busy building things out of cardboard--like this boat.

Beza spotted this "rainbow" in the sky after school.

M played hat-model for me.  (These are all of the super fun things that came in the latest Sevenly CAUSEBOX.  Getting this box each season has seriously been one of my most favorite gifts ever.

How many takes does it take? 

Tuesday/September 29
We've been reading quite a bit about the American Revolution.

Lately most of the books we borrow from the library are chapter books.  We've decided to bring back board books by having them each pick out a pile of books to read with Beza after school.  (Win-win--Beza gets lots of reading time and they get practice reading out loud.)

Wednesday/September 30
We said our last goodbye to our friend who was moving before heading to the dentist and then going out to lunch.  

M is learning about bears and the importance of opposable thumbs.

Thursday/October 1
Happy First Day of October.
Soccer practice was FREEZING and drizzly, but the sky was still beautiful.

Friday/October 2
We spent a long, luxurious time just reading (and munching) at Barnes and Noble.

Then we got to spend a fun night having dinner with friends while the kids watched a movie together.

Saturday/October 3
It was raining and freezing cold.  While we canceled soccer for the girls, T begged us to play. (He thinks that playing in the rain is exciting.)

Then, while the tire of the van was getting repaired (from the screw that punctured it driving home on Friday night), we spent some time at the mall finding J some much-needed new shoes.  

And then we actually let them bounce on the bungee trampoline.   They loved it. :)

We ended the day with a quick (and noisy--those wagon wheels are crazy loud) walk to the pumpkin sale. 

And that was just a bit of our week.

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