Friday, October 30, 2015

Capturing the Glow of the Sun (Our Week)

Sunday/October 18
We woke up early at the cabin (a state away) to make the drive back home for church.
Fall sunrises glow.

And in the afternoon we got our first glimpse of snow flurries this season.

Monday/October 19
M started the week with a pumpkin decorating party in her room.

Tuesday/October 20
My soccer buddy while the girls have practice.  

While I was trying to capture the glow of his eyes in the setting sun light I caught a glimpse of myself. ;)
From Instagram: The little people around here can sometimes be crazy mirrors of me--sometimes they reflect the I-totally-need-to-work-on-that stuff and sometimes the silly stuff like how often I use the word "ridiculous" (it sounds really funny coming out of a 5-year-old) and sometimes surprising stuff--like watching them get excited, too, about brightly colored leaves or cool bugs or chocolate.

Wednesday/October 21
Another day, another party in M's room.  Candy-bag making time.

Thursday/October 22
We have our ups and downs, but these two usually sit so nicely together during appointments.  (Still trying to figure out the ache in my side.)

Signs of fall: Milkweed at soccer practice.

Friday/October 23
While running errands, we went a little off the beaten trail to find Sybil Ludington's statue and tombstone.

From Instagram:  {"The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future." -Theodore Roosevelt.} Today we were the people making stops at obscure graveyards and statues searching for the evidence of a life once lived right here with bravery and a strength of conviction that helped to change the world.

It was a good and full week--and it was M's last week of being 9.  Woah.

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