Friday, October 16, 2015

Boston in the Fall (Part 2)

Sunday/October 11
We slept with the curtains open so that we could see the sunrise when we woke up.  
Front row view...

Because we were up so early we were able to eat breakfast and go to Park Street Church.
(Street art on the way.)
 It was one of our most favorite parts of the trip.  We've also been learning about pipe organs and we got to hear (and feel it) be played.
 Plus there was a small orchestra right in front of us.
 And we found out that we have a mutual friend with the pastor.

After church we had planned to go to a museum but the kids felt re-energized to finish the Freedom Trail when we found this sign on the ground for the North Church.  So we did.  

Boston in the morning is charming.  And uncrowded.

First we made a donut-stop at the Public Market.
(The Green Dragon across from the Market.)

The North Church where Paul Revere saw the lanterns.

We peered into Copp's Hill Burying Ground.

Before crossing the bridge.

To the Bunker Hill Monument.

It's a 294-step climb to the top.

After we finally made it back down we headed to the waterfront to board "Old Ironsides."
 (Parenting and working-it-out doesn't stop for trips. :)

We also toured the USS Cassin Young.
 Glimpses of life nearly seventy years ago are fascinating.
 The books on the shelves in the Officer's Dining Room.

Then we ubered over to the Boston Tea Party Museum.
Seriously one of the best "museums" we've ever visited.  It brought the Tea Party and the time to life.
 (Throwing the tea into the harbor.)

 Before leaving we had tea in Abigail's Tea Room.

It was a fantastic trip for seeing all of the places we've been reading about.  The icing on top--as we were leaving the hotel the kind staff stopped our kids and gave them each a copy of Make Way for Ducklings and Goodnight, Boston--awesome souvenirs. :)
(Lego street art on the way back to the hotel.)

As we left T asked why Boston was so into the Revolution.  I laughed and told him that they did have some pretty key parts of our beginnings happen there, but that Boston also is about a lot of other things--we just haven't explored them yet. :)

Boston is beautiful in the fall.

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