Thursday, October 15, 2015

Boston in the Fall (Part 1)

We've been reading about the American Revolution and recently finished Johnny Tremain.   A soccer-free weekend was a great opportunity to head to Boston to experience a bit of our early history.  (Also, I've always heard that Boston is beautiful in the fall.)

Saturday/October 10
We packed up and headed to our hotel.  (The drive there was stunning.)  The view from our hotel window was more than we could have asked for. (Actually, I think the kids requested a high floor when we checked in and the concierge graciously gave them their favorite--the top floor.)

Before we started walking the Freedom Trail, we searched high and low for the Make Way for Ducklings statue.  

Then we started following the red-brick trail from the State House.

To Park Street Church.

Then we walked into the Granary Burying Ground to find the tombstones of Paul Revere and John Hancock.

We peeked into King's Chapel.  They were fascinated by the family pews.

We walked past the Old South Meeting House.

Before touring the Old State House.

Then we walked to Faneuil Hall.

And Quincy Market.

Before continuing on to Paul Revere's House.

By that time we were all quite tired and hungry so we had dinner at the Bell In Hand Tavern.

We grabbed cannolis (and a cupcake) for dessert.

And then our tired feet Ubered (is that a word?) back to the hotel.

For a bit of swimming before bedtime.
(Reflection in the skylight.)

It was an amazingly beautiful day in Boston.

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