Thursday, October 08, 2015

A Blogging Note

I consider myself to be a curator of our memories.  This blog is the place that captures the highlights of our life growing up together.  This is the good stuff.

But it does not share all of our story.  Because of its very nature and because this isn't only about me, it isn't a place to share everything.  There are often bits hidden between the lines (or outside of the cropped edges).   There are the deeply hard moments that leave me sobbing on the phone to my mom (such a good mom) or in a heap at the end of the day not sure how to even take the next step forward.  (Thankfully, none of these are recent events.)  But those are the parts that are best shared with trusted friends rather than on a public forum.

On these pages I catalog the books we read because they become such a part of our shared memories.  Sometimes I show snapshots of our house or projects that we're working on because those become the backdrop for so many of our adventures (big but mostly small ones).  And I post glimpses of our week--the parts that spark a remembrance of how we've spent our time.

The practice of pausing to capture a moment literally helps to me to focus on the beautiful even in the difficult.  Last week I purposefully snapped a picture of a bagel because after a not-so-good event (vaguely speaking, let's just say that we're back in behavior-chart land), a quiet lunch out was a piece of that day that easily could have gotten lost in the flurry of negative.

Truly so much of our life is good, but it is far from perfect.  We are often a bumbling mess just trying to make it through a day, a week or a season.  But in the midst of all of that, there is always good to be found.  That's what this blog is about.

*A few years ago I had this cuff made because I so desperately need(ed) the reminder to give grace to myself and to other people, to be brave enough to parent through tough stuff and to do it all with love. 

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  1. All so true and well said. I love your words and your heart! ❤️