Friday, September 11, 2015

Our Week

August 30-September 5

We started the day by picking raspberries with friends.

Then before dinner we followed the turkeys down the road.

Every night for the past week or so they've been putting on bear-dancing shows under the spot(flash)light.

While doing a bit of shopping for their newest cousins expected to arrive later on Friday, T spotted a stuffed pelican.  His heart fell in love with it.  They have a TON of stuffed animals, but they are probably their most played-with toys.  In the end I caved and ordered one. (I said "no way" in the store.)  They literally spent hours decorating the house for his arrival.  Welcome, Gelpy.

They had their first ever Chick-Filet.

Then we went to our first ever Anthropologie.  I had no idea that someday I would be in a beautiful store with my kids and they would LOVE looking at the decor as much as I do.  Seriously.  They exclaimed over all the displays.  It was amazing.  Shopping is not always so easy together, but Anthropologie on that day was a sweet treat.

Later we finally cleaned up the mud kitchen and played in the hose for a really long time.  It was HOT out.  Of all of them, Beza loved it the most. :)

After getting cleaned up it was interesting to watch Dave (the cat) chilling with the turkeys (again).

She wanted something to pull her stuffed animals behind her.  It was a creative lesson on the downside of friction. :)  

(Their cousins were born in the afternoon.  SO exciting!!!)

We arrived in PA the night before and spent some time trying out my dad's dirt sifter before heading across the state to get ready to meet the newest cousins.
 (Their final hotel-swim of the summer.)

Coming soon--meeting our new niece and nephew! :)

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