Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Our Week

Sunday August 23-Saturday August 29

We finally made a much-needed trip to Trader Joe's.

Our tomatoes are sad, sad looking plants this year.  BUT, this single sunflower popped up in a flower pot (from birdseed) and it is doing beautifully. 

We also made a trip to Barnes and Noble where they each snagged a book with money Nana sent them.  So much fun.  We also discovered this fun Atlas of Adventures  that T got for losing his most recent tooth.

We had a play date with friends.  (And I managed to only snap a picture of a plant--I take a lot of pictures of plants.)

We headed to the orchard for apples, but ended up with raspberries (a delicious surprise) and concord grapes.

Then we popped into Beza's school to make flower garlands for Nepal.

Later that day I captured a moment of all three of them doing something creative at the same time.

T--Making a bucket pulley-system for a cardboard box treehouse.

M--Making scarves for ALL of the stuffed animals because fall is on its way.

B--Playing dress-up with some of the clothes I cleared out of my closet last week.

At the end of the afternoon we built a simple "portable nature museum" for all of the rocks and shells and other nature-y things that collect around here.

We toured a friend's new house--such a cool house with a ton of history.  (And an awesome walk-up attic--see those two faces in the upper left window?)

It was a stay-at-home-all-day day because our fall schedule is about to explode. :)  (They made a bike basket for their bears.)

And these spiders are back.  I can't explain why I love them so much because I normally shudder at the thought of them.  But I'm cool with these guys.

So, also, I totally thought that last week was our last full week of summer before school starts.  Turns out I never really looked carefully at the calendar and THIS week is actually the last week off.  It's like a bonus week. ;)

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