Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Building a Portable Nature Museum

I've had buckets of rocks and an egg carton full of shells sitting on the dining room table for months.  Done with the piles, I started brainstorming ideas for a nature museum and prayed for inspiration.

In my dreams I wanted a place with little compartments for things like acorns and special rocks and sea shells. (Like this.) And a shelf for collection jars of pebbles or seeds or other things that tend to accumulate around here.  But I don't really have any wall space and even if I did I was worried that a display of such little things would be a magnet for little friends and end up being knocked over, or worse, eaten.  Oh, and I didn't want to put a lot of money into the whole deal either.  

Thinking about the shelf reminded me of this rope shelf and then I remembered the pile of wood in the corner behind the oil tank in the basement (AKA, The Spider Zone).  And I already had some soft rope tucked away.  We grabbed three shelves from Michaels and a clearance bulletin board.  

This is what we came up--a Portable Nature Museum. A place to display all of those organic bits and baubles that can be moved anywhere.

The process:

(The rope is just tied around the smaller board.  I secured the top around a screw. )

They LOVED curating their collections.

 White rocks from the beach.

 A rock from the park.

 A larch tree branch and cone.

Blue rock bits from the park.

A pretty feather.

I love that it's not stuck in one place and we're all excited to change out the displays with the seasons.

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