Friday, August 28, 2015

Our Week

A look at a week ago:
(August 16-August 22)

We finished reading The Witch of Blackbird Pond (on Overdrive--an app we just started using).  This book goes in the "I can't believe I've never read this before" catergory, and now on my list of most favorite books.

They were playing estimating games--all their own idea.  (Perhaps certifying us as complete nerds--but maybe that's okay. ;)

My sister came for 3 glorious days.  She helped me sort through my closet item by item. She also patiently went through all of my basement bins.  It was amazing!  (But I've never felt like such a hoarder.)

We took her to the "garden."
(Beza found a "lizard tail."  Better known as a snake.)

Then to the park.

And finally to the orchard for peaches. (It was hot and crowded with a 600-person camp--all to say, there are not pictures.)

We went to the playground.

Then to see Inside Out.  (LOVED it.)

We said goodbye to my sister.

And then we headed to the city for the day.
 (Crazy that we saw these alive and in person just a month ago.)

It was a good summer week.  We all love it when we get to spend time with one of my sisters. :)

(*Bah--this post was delayed because of troubles transferring my photos to the computer.  All of J's apps get put on my phone when I plug it in--craziness.)

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  1. Such fun!! Blackbird Pond started us reading all of her books and none were a disappointment.