Monday, July 13, 2015

Late Nights and Late Mornings (The Week)

All Week Long
J and I volunteered to work with the preschoolers at VBS this past week--from Sunday through Friday night.   All day, every day, our kids could not stop talking about how much fun it was and they counted down the hours until it started each night.  It was a fun but very FULL week!

By Thursday the late nights had definitely caught up with my crew.  (They were going to bed after 10p.)  While running errands, keeping them each on their own tile helped (mostly) keep the peace.

M has become so incredibly helpful--It's so fun to watch her independence grow.
From Instagram: I totally forgot to grab what we really needed at the grocery store until we were checking out, but she quickly ran to get it for me. She is crazy helpful. I had no idea how fun nine-year-olds are to watch grow and to hang out with. (And that's the bracelet she picked as a prize at VBS--pretty sure we'll be sharing accessories, too.) 

On Saturday we got to hang out with the Harleys. (Some of our very best friends who moved away last summer.)  It was awesome to be together for the day.
On Sunday morning (after we all slept in) we sat quietly on the deck just listening to the birds.  It was so nice after the busyness of the week.

During the week I also tried something new.  I've been reading about the KonMari method of organizing and finally gave her folding technique a try.  I'm working on a lot of things, but I thought I had drawer organization down pretty well.  BUT this was AMAZING.  I had NO IDEA that folding clothes in a certain way could literally change everything.  I mean, you can see every single piece of clothing--nothing is hiding in a haphazard pile (something M has been having trouble with).  AND it takes up a ton less space!  I don't understand how, but simply by changing the way we were folding clothes, M has a completely empty drawer and loads of extra space in all of the other ones.  Crazy!  And this folding business is also phenomenal for packing.  I'm addicted.

(Beza's befores and afters.  You can actually see each individual item at a glance.)

 And now we're gearing up for another full but very fun week ahead.  Viva la summer.

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