Thursday, July 09, 2015

Birthdays, Cabins and Fireworks (The Week)

After Church and lunch with friends, we spent the afternoon getting the preschool room ready for VBS (for the following week).  (Yay for husbands who can hang things up really high.)

I surprised them with a stop at the spray park after running errands.

(I call this one "Tempting Fate.")

We finally had a Bear Party to celebrate all of those bear birthdays.  (With a hummingbird cake and honey camomile iced tea.)

Then J and I escaped for a date to celebrate our 15th (!!!) Anniversary.

I found a chair I have long been searching for to replace this one from college.  (T made that bear out of tissues.)

I managed to lug it to the van by myself with theses guys in tow.  (It must have been quite a show.;)

Then we decided last minute to head to PA for a few days.


We went to my parents where we got to devour the berries we talk about ALL. YEAR. LONG.  

And they had a blast chasing balls down the driveway with cousins.

Then we headed back to the cabin for a canoeing and kyacking trip down the creek.  (My sister Bubsy was my canoeing partner.  I love that I got to see all of my sisters.)

Before bedtime they made s'mores.

And caught fireflies.

We woke up to a pouring morning.

With patriotic waffles. 
(We've been loving the leftovers ALL week!--Thanks, Nana!)

Before we packed up to come home where we watched fireworks around our neighborhood.

Phew!  This summer is proving to be jam-packed! :)

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