Friday, June 26, 2015

The Beach If You Don't Like Sand or Water

Or, a post to put all of the pictures I took for my Dad. :)

They were supposed to be working on a beach replenishment project right outside our windows while we were at the beach last week.  Quite fortunately (for us) their dredge broke down and the project there has been put on a temporary hold.  But, while we were there we got to see them cleaning up their equipment.

On Sunday morning we watched this crazy vehicle (the CRAB) roll out into the waves and get loaded onto a barge.  It was like a sci-fi movie.

All week long they were moving pipes down the beach.

A view of the beach replenishment project in the next town.
And every morning they clean the sand.

And occasionally the garbage truck goes by.

A wheel loader comes by each day looking for large debris--like this log that it buried.

There is always something happening on the beach. :)

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