Saturday, June 13, 2015

Highlights of the Week

For the Week of Sunday June 7-Friday June 12

I introduced them to The Game of Life.  Despite the fact that it involves getting married (and the potential to have girl babies), even T loves the game.  

And upon hearing that Pictionary is one of my most favorite games, M made me my own.

Last preschool drop-off ever.  Bittersweet.


Our last walk to preschool ever.

Preschool Graduation.

We celebrated the last day of school by going to a Chinese Garden. (One where there are new discoveries around every bend.)
 (A "monster.")

And ended the afternoon with Frappuccinos around.

It was the last time I got together for this school year with a group of the moms that I have been meeting with weekly for nearly seven years.  I'm so thankful for this group of moms. 

Our summer has officially begun.

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