Friday, June 12, 2015

Highlights of the Week

From Last Week (Sunday May 31-Saturday June 6)

We went to a little friend's birthday party and they got the coolest face-paintings.  (Works of art.)

To finish up M's year of studying sea creatures we made paintings to cover each of the main categories.
(M, G, T)

We've waited three years for the peonies to bloom.  One of my very favorites.

The latest bit of upcoming VBS decor/props going through a trial run.

To really finish up studying sea creatures we trekked to the aquarium for 4 hours of exploring.  
(When we got there it was crowded with field trips, but by the end, we were some of the last people there.  It was so quiet and still and perfect for taking it all in.)

One of their very favorite things to do--the touch tanks.

The Butterfly House was especially amazing.

My sister and her family drove a LONG way to visit.  We LOVE seeing them!

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