Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Five (or so) for the Week

For the Week of Saturday May 16-Saturday May 23

Special Person's Day at Preschool.  With crowns and flowers and songs and baked treats.

Our very first run to Urgent Care for wheezing.  After a week of an inhaler and a few tries with allergy medicine it's all under control.

It's so hard to know what to tell them about the world and what to protect them from.  We tuned in to the IF:Gathering LIVE broadcast to hear about some of the good in the midst of the very hard.

Then we snapped a picture for One Day Without Shoes.  (Such a good reminder of our good gifts--shoes--and reasons to be thankful and generous.)

Main Street USA in the hallway.  They take holidays (upcoming Memorial Day) very seriously.

We spent the afternoon learning about rocks and minerals for fun.
(Dave-the-Cat was unusually interested.)
(These Crystal Mining Kits are genius.  They occupy hours.)

Dinner out.  TGIF.
(Practicing her Winnie-the-Pooh writing skills.)

Early to the park to watch the bald eagles.  
(A rare moment--they are all reading QUIETLY in the car. (We lent our van to the college students.))
(Baby Island. Owls in the Family. My First Spanish Word Board Book.)
It is wild that they can play on the playground with this just behind them.

And that's a wrap! :)

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