Monday, June 08, 2015

Five for the Week

For the Week of Sunday May 24-Saturday May 30

Monday/Memorial Day
We woke up to find a snapping turtle attempting to lay eggs in our mulch. (We think she changed her mind about the idealness of that location.)

They have been so excited to be here this weekend for the parade. (We've been away for Memorial Day for the past two years.)  They even wrote their own song to march to on the way.

I love that our small town has a parade to help remember the reason for the day together.

We went on a field trip with Beza's class to a butterfly farm.

I finally heard the good results from the CAT scan I had the previous Monday.  I've been having rib and chest pain since January and after lots of appointments all winter and spring I am so relieved that it seems to just be a case of costochondritis (inflammation of my rib cartilage).

Soccer practice ended abruptly when this storm rolled in.

We've been working on fun painting projects for our VBS coming up in July. #CampKilimanjaro

The NiƱa and Pinta were hanging out at the river so we got to climb aboard for a little tour.  They were so much SMALLER than I ever imagined!

It's always a fun day when we finish a year of math and we get to pack it up (some that we're done with and some that we'll use later this year). :)

Nana and Pop came for the weekend.  We love it when they come!
 (We ended Saturday night with s'mores.)

Summer is in the air!

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