Thursday, June 25, 2015

Beach 2015 Photo Journal

This year we started our summer at the beach.
(It's usually how we end the summer.  201420132012.)

A look back at last week with J's family:


After-dinner walk for ice cream.

Every day--up for the sunrise--whether it made an appearance or not.


Boogie Boarding.
(I LOVE the ocean--looking at and listening to it.  Swimming in it--not so much.  I have to turn off the part of my brain that acknowledges that all of the creatures that we found over the week are out there with me in abundance--plus a thousand of their friends.  But, right now these people love it when we spend time with them--so for a little while each day--I jump in anyway. ;) )

 Pretending the board is a ship that keeps getting hit with waves.
(Later in the week I was floating around out in the water while sitting on the board--it must have looked pretty...interesting.  Some kids walked by and I thought they kind-of laughed at the absurdity of it.  A few minutes later, T (not knowing any of my inner thoughts) said, "If I saw a mom doing this I would think it was funny."  Me: "Funny like weird?" T, "No, funny like really fun. I would think she was cute.  She would be a good mom." 

Post ice-cream beach walk.

A rainy start to the day inspired inside forts (and libraries, ice-cream shops and post offices.).

And a trip to the aquarium. (Checking out a starfish stomach.)

Where T chose his trip souvenier.  (M chose the same thing a few days later.)
Instagram: "Sometimes we say "yes" to crazy things--like a giant snake at the beach.  (He's wanted one for a long time.  Boa joined his entourage after a rainy morning at the aquarium.  He's been chasing Parrot all day.)"

After dinner we celebrated Beza's birthday a few days early.

The night ended with stories with Grammy.

And bedtime card games.

Tuesday started with foggy skies and a horseshoe crab.

A morning puzzle.

A clearing morning on the beach.

An afternoon storm.

And an evening on the boardwalk.

(Beza with her souvenir from her favorite boardwalk fancy store.)
 (Trying to capture these fleeting moments of him being caught up in the pirate music.)

A beautiful morning.

A day perfect for Pop-tipping.



An evening pirate-cruise.
(Because we just finished (the unabridged) Treasure Island.  Hmm..we read the abridged version in the summer of 2012 and we just rewatched Muppets Treasure Island, too.)

A cool and cloudy day that started with a beach walk.

And races to keep warm.

And ended with everyone on the beach to feed the birds.

And to race Pop (who won!).

Our last day started with donuts.



And something new.  Paddle-boarding.
 (I spent most of the time like this because I was having trouble turning my brain off. ;)

There was an afternoon treasure hunt. 
(While Beza was jumping in the waves with Pop.)

Then we packed up and said goodbye for another year.

Before one last stop on the boardwalk.

 And one last dip in the Atlantic Ocean.

We had such a great week kicking off the summer.  Thank you to J's family for loving our kids so well--they had a blast.  :)

[*They look so tiny in the pictures from previous years.  Next year they'll look so little in these ones.  These are good years.]

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