Thursday, May 14, 2015

Five for the Week

Still catching up...
May 2-May 8

Instagram: Sunday afternoon treat--fresh raspberry cream cheese frosting on a chocolate cupcake with earl grey iced tea. (Meanwhile J is noshing on chips and salsa.) ‪#‎oppositesattract‬ ‪#‎notfrommykitchen‬

While the others were swinging--those swings have been kept quite busy lately. 

And later we trimmed trees (dead branches stripped by the deer) and started to prep the garden.
Instagram:  Forever blown away by what happens when you compost. All of last year's refuse turned into beautiful dirt. Can't wait to watch the garden grow.

We got to visit Beza's class to learn more about local honey and bees.

 Then we had lunch out.  (Because the weather was perfect.)

And the moon that night was strikingly beautiful--it popped up large and orange.  And made some fun shadows.

We walked to and from school.  I will totally miss the closeness of school next year.

And I finally learned some kitchen math that I should have learned decades ago.

Pajama Day!

Also, kindergarten orientation night.
Instagram:  How can it be? Tonight was Kindergarten Orientation. Getting ready to dip our toes back into the "big school" with the youngest next year. ‪#‎slowdowntime‬

Instagram: Today we learned about the speed of light/light years. First we compared speeds we know--like how long it normally takes to get to Nana's and then how fast we could get there in the New Horizons spacecraft (23 seconds! We acted that one out--4 hours down to 23 seconds--dreamy.). Then we talked about the speed of light in seconds/minutes/hours and talked about how the nearest star is 4 light years away and that many stars are like millions of light years away. And then we realized these numbers literally make our heads hurt. (Note: It's good to be married to a math expert who is available by text.) ‪#‎lifeasmath‬ ‪#‎amazingcreator‬ ‪#‎space‬

We ended the week all hanging out in the backyard.  
(Looking back, those trees have really filled in quickly in just over a week.)

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  1. That's a great way to "see" liquid measures. When my kids ask me one of those questions I grab my Pyrex cups to figure it out because I need a visual. That drawing is such a good thing to burn into our memories.