Monday, May 18, 2015

Five for the Week (Fun News)

Finally caught up!
May 9-May 16

I got to watch a friend do a summer salad demonstration at the library.  It's so much fun to watch her do what she's so good at.  (Also, it's always delicious.) 
(So far I've made 2 of the 3 salads--and even the kids ate the Kale!)

The small crew has been making balanced mud meals.  (And long-gone are the winter days when I lose track of when they last had a bath--they're back as a nearly daily ritual.)

Sunday: Mother's Day
I woke up to sweet notes and cards.

This picture from T cracks me up--J's short shorts are awesome.

THEN, at the very end of church we huddled up in a secluded corner to facetime with J's sister because they were doing a baby cake reveal.  (Which, by the way, had T completely confused.  He thought the baby was going to be in the cake.  Really.)  They lifted the cover off the cake and there were two cakes!!  Such fun news!!!  We are super excited to meet our new little boy and girl cousins later this year. :)

T's learning about stars and galaxies and what better way to remember that we're a part of the Milky Way Galaxy than with an object lesson. ;)

The irises are in full bloom and smell so good.  They always remind me of my Dad.
(And they make the blog often.  Here.  Here.  Here.)

We were back at the library for Math Night.  (I know it sounds terribly nerdy--but it was great.)  (And the tree at the library--love it.)

We ended a long day with painting.

 (Clockwise from top: M, T, G, Beza)
The highlight of the week was definitely finding out about our new cousins.  It's the talk of the house. :)

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