Monday, May 11, 2015

A Few for the Week

Catching Up  
Week of April 25-May 1

Weeks start and end with soccer. :)  T LOVES hanging out with old friends and making news ones when he isn't "on the field."

We just finished up Season 1 of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution and two out of three of them have become ingredient readers.  Also, they now think the word "processed" is pronounced "PRO-cessed."

They dress themselves for church.  I love what they come up with. #elastictie

On Sunday night, out of the blue, T tagged J with a practically undetectable ;) "spy microchip." 

We were completely ready for warm weather, but that Monday was a bit on the chilly side.  
(I'm snuggled up and still cold under a blanket.)

On Tuesday we got to visit Beza's class to read The 100th Customer and to do a fun activity.

On Thursday we heard and then found a turtle rushing through the woods.  (Eastern Painted.)

On Friday we went to the park.

As we were pulling away T said that he had just seen a bald eagle land in a tree.  I thought for sure it was probably just a hawk, but we had time, so I turned around to investigate.  Sure enough, there was a huge nest in a tree behind the playground with a white head peering over the top.  We took a little walk to check it out.  So, so cool!  

On Friday night J treated us to macaroons.  We sampled a bite of each one.
(My favorite: Strawberry)

And then the older 2 got to stay up a bit later to watch The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring (because they had just finished the first two books with J).

Saturday dawned bright and beautiful for soccer.

But we have been missing a few things which led to a lot of gear trading among the small crowd for their games.  

From Instagram:
For over a week we've been searching for 2 missing shin guards and today we added an orange soccer sock to the list. We've cleaned out rooms, scoured the basement, peered under all of the couches, checked the backyard and under the deck, looked in our trunks and under car seats and even cleared out the garage because can 2 shin guards and a sock really just disappear? No. No, they can not. But they can definitely take over a mind. Where were they? Under my dresser. Discovered just now because looking under things has become an obsession. ‪#‎losingmymindoverlostthings‬ ‪#‎victory‬

And that was our week.

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