Monday, May 18, 2015

Five for the Week (Fun News)

Finally caught up!
May 9-May 16

I got to watch a friend do a summer salad demonstration at the library.  It's so much fun to watch her do what she's so good at.  (Also, it's always delicious.) 
(So far I've made 2 of the 3 salads--and even the kids ate the Kale!)

The small crew has been making balanced mud meals.  (And long-gone are the winter days when I lose track of when they last had a bath--they're back as a nearly daily ritual.)

Sunday: Mother's Day
I woke up to sweet notes and cards.

This picture from T cracks me up--J's short shorts are awesome.

THEN, at the very end of church we huddled up in a secluded corner to facetime with J's sister because they were doing a baby cake reveal.  (Which, by the way, had T completely confused.  He thought the baby was going to be in the cake.  Really.)  They lifted the cover off the cake and there were two cakes!!  Such fun news!!!  We are super excited to meet our new little boy and girl cousins later this year. :)

T's learning about stars and galaxies and what better way to remember that we're a part of the Milky Way Galaxy than with an object lesson. ;)

The irises are in full bloom and smell so good.  They always remind me of my Dad.
(And they make the blog often.  Here.  Here.  Here.)

We were back at the library for Math Night.  (I know it sounds terribly nerdy--but it was great.)  (And the tree at the library--love it.)

We ended a long day with painting.

 (Clockwise from top: M, T, G, Beza)
The highlight of the week was definitely finding out about our new cousins.  It's the talk of the house. :)

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Five for the Week

Still catching up...
May 2-May 8

Instagram: Sunday afternoon treat--fresh raspberry cream cheese frosting on a chocolate cupcake with earl grey iced tea. (Meanwhile J is noshing on chips and salsa.) ‪#‎oppositesattract‬ ‪#‎notfrommykitchen‬

While the others were swinging--those swings have been kept quite busy lately. 

And later we trimmed trees (dead branches stripped by the deer) and started to prep the garden.
Instagram:  Forever blown away by what happens when you compost. All of last year's refuse turned into beautiful dirt. Can't wait to watch the garden grow.

We got to visit Beza's class to learn more about local honey and bees.

 Then we had lunch out.  (Because the weather was perfect.)

And the moon that night was strikingly beautiful--it popped up large and orange.  And made some fun shadows.

We walked to and from school.  I will totally miss the closeness of school next year.

And I finally learned some kitchen math that I should have learned decades ago.

Pajama Day!

Also, kindergarten orientation night.
Instagram:  How can it be? Tonight was Kindergarten Orientation. Getting ready to dip our toes back into the "big school" with the youngest next year. ‪#‎slowdowntime‬

Instagram: Today we learned about the speed of light/light years. First we compared speeds we know--like how long it normally takes to get to Nana's and then how fast we could get there in the New Horizons spacecraft (23 seconds! We acted that one out--4 hours down to 23 seconds--dreamy.). Then we talked about the speed of light in seconds/minutes/hours and talked about how the nearest star is 4 light years away and that many stars are like millions of light years away. And then we realized these numbers literally make our heads hurt. (Note: It's good to be married to a math expert who is available by text.) ‪#‎lifeasmath‬ ‪#‎amazingcreator‬ ‪#‎space‬

We ended the week all hanging out in the backyard.  
(Looking back, those trees have really filled in quickly in just over a week.)

Monday, May 11, 2015

A Few for the Week

Catching Up  
Week of April 25-May 1

Weeks start and end with soccer. :)  T LOVES hanging out with old friends and making news ones when he isn't "on the field."

We just finished up Season 1 of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution and two out of three of them have become ingredient readers.  Also, they now think the word "processed" is pronounced "PRO-cessed."

They dress themselves for church.  I love what they come up with. #elastictie

On Sunday night, out of the blue, T tagged J with a practically undetectable ;) "spy microchip." 

We were completely ready for warm weather, but that Monday was a bit on the chilly side.  
(I'm snuggled up and still cold under a blanket.)

On Tuesday we got to visit Beza's class to read The 100th Customer and to do a fun activity.

On Thursday we heard and then found a turtle rushing through the woods.  (Eastern Painted.)

On Friday we went to the park.

As we were pulling away T said that he had just seen a bald eagle land in a tree.  I thought for sure it was probably just a hawk, but we had time, so I turned around to investigate.  Sure enough, there was a huge nest in a tree behind the playground with a white head peering over the top.  We took a little walk to check it out.  So, so cool!  

On Friday night J treated us to macaroons.  We sampled a bite of each one.
(My favorite: Strawberry)

And then the older 2 got to stay up a bit later to watch The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring (because they had just finished the first two books with J).

Saturday dawned bright and beautiful for soccer.

But we have been missing a few things which led to a lot of gear trading among the small crowd for their games.  

From Instagram:
For over a week we've been searching for 2 missing shin guards and today we added an orange soccer sock to the list. We've cleaned out rooms, scoured the basement, peered under all of the couches, checked the backyard and under the deck, looked in our trunks and under car seats and even cleared out the garage because can 2 shin guards and a sock really just disappear? No. No, they can not. But they can definitely take over a mind. Where were they? Under my dresser. Discovered just now because looking under things has become an obsession. ‪#‎losingmymindoverlostthings‬ ‪#‎victory‬

And that was our week.

Friday, May 01, 2015

Five for the Week

One of these days I'll catch up to the right week!  Here's a peek back at a whole week ago. (April 18-April 24)

1.  April 18th was our first Soccer Saturday of the season and all three of them are playing.  (M took a break in the fall, but she's back at it.)

She came with her nails all ready for the rest of the weekend.  After soccer and a fun birthday party at a trampoline bouncing place I headed off to PA for a few days with the kids because the next day I met up with all of my sisters (and a few cousins, an aunt and an uncle) at Penn State for a Special Olympics Walk.  

2.  The very best thing happened at the finish on the 50 yard line.  The three oldest of us all went to Penn State and my youngest sister has become a bit obsessed with the Nittany Lion.  She's high-fived him before, but this is the first time she actually "met" him.  It was SO cool.  Even better that we were all there together.  Best.

Later we spent some time with Nana and Pop.

And then we spent a day with my parents.
(A huge rainbow on Monday morning.  
We counted 170ish rings on the recently cut-down tree. 
 Corn silos make awesome slides.  
Molly-the-cat gets a lot of love.)

(Saying goodbye to GrammyKathy.  And just in time.  She had a stomach bug later that day.  Usually the little ones are the first to get sick--this time thankfully the trend stopped and started with her. ;) )

 (A quick goodbye to Grandpa near his job site.)

3.  Before coming home for Beza's "Crazy Hat" parade.  (Totally "recycled" that headband from the walk.)

That day I also managed to drop the Legos (organized by color) down the stairs just before taking M and T to their first art class of the season.  (Note: Clearly such an organizer should not be lifted by the top.  It will never end well.)  (Also note that I had the art class time completely wrong and I dropped them off 30 minutes early and came to pick them up just as early to be on time for soccer practice.  We're working that schedule snafu out.)

4.  And because we just can't get enough of making big messes, ;)  we made some "everything pudding" like in our Betsy, Tacy and Tib book.  The idea is to just mix ALL of the ingredients in the pantry together.  Naturally adding baking soda and vinegar when you're finished makes a very exciting ending.

5.  We finished up the week with The Return of Rin Tin Tin.  (Oh my...what a movie...from the 1940's!  T read about Rin Tin Tin in his new book and he was so excited when he found it at GrammyKathy's.  He told everyone about it.  His music teacher recommended that if he loved Rin Tin Tin that he should check out Balto.  And what should we happen to find at the library book sale--but a Balto book.  He has just finished his first ever chapter book and Balto will be his second.  It really is fun to watch him fall in love with his own reading at his own pace.)

It was a good and messy week.

(While the kids and I were away, J had his own adventures including a minor bike-riding fall, a basement flood, an incident with a ladder and the discovery that the stray cat that 's been hanging around our house for the past 6 months that we've assumed is a girl and that we've been calling "Mommy"[not at all confusing] is actually a he.  He squeezed a lot of excitement into a short period of time.  It's a good thing we came home. :) )