Saturday, April 18, 2015

Five for the Week

(From Easter Week)

1.  Easter started bright, beautiful and early.  

And ended with drippy skies.  Despite the sprinkles, J and I put together a little egg hunt.  
(This year the eggs were filled with popcorn, goldfish and one or two actually had candy in them.  Jack pots.  [I see that it wasn't much different than last year. ;)})

2.  On Monday (the last day of Spring Break), we had fun hanging out with old and new friends at the park.

3.  On Tuesday we cracked the books open again after a little over a week off.

4.  It was perfect mud-pie making weather.

5.  On Friday I discovered something very interesting. In our house it's "the rule" that you have to eat both parts of the marshmallow cereal. And so this fascinating system has emerged. One of my entrepreneurial children has "marshmallow sales." For a large handful of dry cereal you also get 5 marshmallows. A second large handful of cereal will earn you an additional 2 marshmallows for your troubles. And it flies. For now. (Some day the constituents will wise up and pour their own bowls with a much better marshmallow-to-cereal ratio.)

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