Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Five (+) for the Week

A week ago:

A string pulled out of a bedroom window led to a ransom note (from yours truly)

and ninja wars.

Sunday (Palm Sunday).
An afternoon hike exploring our "backyard."  (With a friendly, tag-along cat.)

Spring shopping.  (Someday we WILL put away those boots and coats.)

An art studio with friends.

And unlimited art supplies.


A local zoo with friends.

But also, April Fool's Day.
Poor Daddy bore the brunt of the tom-foolery.

"They" filled his shampoo (carefully) with jelly and stuffed his shoes with tissues.  M tricked me with a chocolate bar in the fruit bar package. A stink bug got in on the action by chilling on my toothbrush.  And then I learned the fine art of short-sheeting.

Block fun.
(A bear statue, a zoo, a house and cars.)

And remembering the Last Supper.

A new dryer (that sings when it's done.).

A windy trip to the city.
(The Museum of the City of New York.  Hip Hop Art.  Because nothing says "Miller" like Hip Hop. ;)
 No matter what we do in the city, Central Park is almost always their favorite.
 They've been asking to see the Statue of Liberty for forever.  Someday we'll get up close.
 With this view.

It was a fun Spring Break Week.

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  1. Your blog looks like we are living the same life! It's a great life though. This week the ice is ALL GONE finally. Keep enjoying all things beautiful. especially those little ones.

    Oh, and what's up with these stink bugs? The do show up in the oddest of places this time of year.