Friday, April 24, 2015

Five for the Week

From April 11-17

1.  Saturday.  We spent another Saturday in the city--this time we made it to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. (Through all of the lines.  And then more lines.)

2.  Sunday.  Such a beautiful weekend called for some time in the woods.

3.  Books.  We learned about Jane Goodall (just for fun).

And J is reading The Lord of the Rings with them.  (They insisted that his voice is the best for that kind of story.)  He taped together this giant 3x4 map to follow the journey.

4.  Ordinary Moments.  The new washer and dryer are like a kid-magnet.  M does as many loads a day as she can.  I think it has something to do with the lovely song each piece plays when it's done.  (Who knew?)

We got to meet up with J for lunch one day.

There were many outside "tea" party picnics with books.

They feel quite strongly that worms need to be rescued when the rain stops.

5.  It is starting to look green out there.  Whoo-hoo!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Five for the Week

(From Easter Week)

1.  Easter started bright, beautiful and early.  

And ended with drippy skies.  Despite the sprinkles, J and I put together a little egg hunt.  
(This year the eggs were filled with popcorn, goldfish and one or two actually had candy in them.  Jack pots.  [I see that it wasn't much different than last year. ;)})

2.  On Monday (the last day of Spring Break), we had fun hanging out with old and new friends at the park.

3.  On Tuesday we cracked the books open again after a little over a week off.

4.  It was perfect mud-pie making weather.

5.  On Friday I discovered something very interesting. In our house it's "the rule" that you have to eat both parts of the marshmallow cereal. And so this fascinating system has emerged. One of my entrepreneurial children has "marshmallow sales." For a large handful of dry cereal you also get 5 marshmallows. A second large handful of cereal will earn you an additional 2 marshmallows for your troubles. And it flies. For now. (Some day the constituents will wise up and pour their own bowls with a much better marshmallow-to-cereal ratio.)

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Five (+) for the Week

A week ago:

A string pulled out of a bedroom window led to a ransom note (from yours truly)

and ninja wars.

Sunday (Palm Sunday).
An afternoon hike exploring our "backyard."  (With a friendly, tag-along cat.)

Spring shopping.  (Someday we WILL put away those boots and coats.)

An art studio with friends.

And unlimited art supplies.


A local zoo with friends.

But also, April Fool's Day.
Poor Daddy bore the brunt of the tom-foolery.

"They" filled his shampoo (carefully) with jelly and stuffed his shoes with tissues.  M tricked me with a chocolate bar in the fruit bar package. A stink bug got in on the action by chilling on my toothbrush.  And then I learned the fine art of short-sheeting.

Block fun.
(A bear statue, a zoo, a house and cars.)

And remembering the Last Supper.

A new dryer (that sings when it's done.).

A windy trip to the city.
(The Museum of the City of New York.  Hip Hop Art.  Because nothing says "Miller" like Hip Hop. ;)
 No matter what we do in the city, Central Park is almost always their favorite.
 They've been asking to see the Statue of Liberty for forever.  Someday we'll get up close.
 With this view.

It was a fun Spring Break Week.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

10 for 2

Time for a bit of catching up!

A peek WAY back at a few highlights from the week of St. Patrick's Day.

1.  The snow was beginning to melt, revealing some fun mud.

2.  T gathered all of his "buddies" around for a daily morning Bible fellowship. (The Action Bible.)

3.  On St. Patrick's Day we "made" rainbow crayons.

All remembered to wear green.

And J won the Guac-Off at work with his favorite locally-made store-bought guacamole. (Funny.)

4.  We spent some time at one of our favorite places.  (Book and people watching.)

5.  Despite the cold and snow we bundled up to celebrate the First Day of Spring on the grounds of a sprawling mansion. 
Beautiful gardens covered in snow, toy keys and a portable speaker playing soundtracks like Pirates of the Carribean made it epically fun. ;)

And then LAST week:

1.  We started Monday by hanging out with Beza's class at the senior center.

2.  On Tuesday we headed to the park while Beza was at school.

3.  On Wednesday I was super surprised to open the mailbox to find the new Sevenly CauseBox.  (J got me the first one for my birthday, but I didn't know that I was getting more!)

4.  Thursday started with three little dentist appointments. (Chicken in the parking lot.)

And ended with Lysa Terkeurst.  (My friends and I finished her Unglued study earlier this year and right now we're working through The Best Yes.)

5.  On Friday we finally got to play in our own woods.  During the spring there is a bit of water from melting snow--perfect for boats and bridges.  Also there are no bugs, few ticks and less briars right now.  (Later we went to a friend's house with lots more time to play outside--yay!)

And all week long, M has been setting up pop-up restaurants--with signs, menus, coloring sheets and place settings.  Friday's dessert was my favorite.

And now we're on to another fun week full of snow and sun. ;)