Friday, March 20, 2015

On the Wings of Music (This Captured Moment)

{A snippet of life in this moment.}

This week Pandora has fueled his imagination.

Tacos with a side of Mariachi Fiesta took him to Spain.
Pizza with some Italian Traditional transported him to Italy.
Saint Patrick's Day with Celtic Radio (and Travel With Kids: Ireland) led him to Ireland.
A haircut with Barbershop Quartets turned the bathroom into a barbershop.
General Tso's chicken with Chinese Traditional paved the way to China.
And Amy and Dan with Egyptian Reggae Radio called him to Egypt.

Along the way he's explored the sights, led tour groups, slept in hotels and checked out the bookstores.  (And kept us busy looking up new stations.)

1&2: Their rooms cleaned up as hotel rooms.  (Unexpected perk of their play.)
3: Sheets of words he's copied out of MAPS.  (Just because.)
4:  One of the books he borrowed from the "bookstore" for some light bedtime reading.  (Seriously, out of all of the books on the shelves--why this one?  I'm endlessly curious about what he'll do as he grows.)

*All of these trips were made possible by the magic of the super-speed jet that mostly works like tessering.

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