Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Five for The Week

My parents made a wise choice in rushing away last week.  We did get another (though relatively small) snow storm.  

(At church on a snowy morning.  Picture texted to me by a friend. :)

(M on Monday morning--she practically begs me to let her shovel the driveway.  Fingers crossed that she's this enthusiastic for forever.)

M on Tuesday.  More snow flurries.

While all of this snow has been going on, the kids have really been liking this month's Tinker Crate--working with hydraulics.  (A Beary lift.  His poor neck.)

On Monday we read A LOT of Seuss.  (While I was reading,they were brightening up the dreary outside view with window markers.)
We've also started reading the That's Nat! series (my third time) with Beza-- hands down one of my most favorite beginner chapter books and they are perfect for her right now.  (About a preschooler trying to make sense of the world.)

In school, M's been learning about sea creatures.  We finally picked up a few things to look at a bit more closely.  (Calamari and a cockle shell.)

Saturday morning dawned bitterly cold and we had hoped to be able to walk on top of all that snow out there.  The kids were mostly able to.

And while J and I could walk in a few places on the hardened snow, most of the time we sunk in over our knees.  :)

(Me practically sitting on the snow on the swing.)
We ended Saturday with a fun baby shower at church.  (M as a mummy.)

This new week is full of the promise of melting snow and the hopeful sighting of grass!   Our rain boots and toy boats are ready for some serious puddle play.  :)

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