Sunday, February 08, 2015

Five (or More) for the Week (or Two)

Lately there's been a bit of snow.  Sometimes a lot and sometimes just a little.
(Total from this past Monday's storm.  There were 2 snow days and one 2hr. delay this week for school.)

When it isn't snowing, the sky has been stunning.
(Sunrises, left; Sunsets, right.)
(Jupiter and the moon on Tuesday night.)

And the birds have been quite fun to watch, too.

Inside, we've been lighting candles often.

And working on art.
 T: Inspired by THIS.

M and T actually started taking a weekly art class.
(M, left; T, right.)

Since it's February, we broke out the Valentine's mailboxes.  They've been stuffed full of notes almost every day.  (From them--not me.;)  

And these notes have been popping up all over.

We've also been reading.  (Over the past two weeks we've read The Little Prince, 39 Clues:The Maze of Bones, and William Booth.)  And on Friday we went to the movies to see Paddington Bear.  Sadly, we also just finished that book and we really did not care for the movie version.  (At all.)

We all had fun catching up with friends for dinner a week ago.

And yesterday we woke up bright and early (5am) for a ski day.

That's a bit of what we've been up to around here.

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