Tuesday, January 13, 2015

From Crying to Laughing in 60 Seconds

Otherwise known as the apparent theme of Christmas at my parent's house this year. ;)

As usual, the day (after Christmas) kicked off with the making of one mega-gigantic fruit salad.  (We arrived during clean up.)

My sisters and I have been putting on skits for my parents for years--usually something that gently pokes fun at them (and us).  (Last year's Flash Mob.)

Lately they've been joining in the fun with their own "performance."  This year they kicked-off the make-sure-you-have-a-tissue-handy portion of the festivities by presenting each of us with a "memorial rock" to remember all of our special Christmas memories together along with a personalized poem written by my dad for each one of us.  

And because the tissues were handy, I followed that up with a poem and video of my own.  (Coming soon. ;)

BUT, then, my sister Bubsy wrote one of the most hilarious Super-Nanny spoof skits ever.  (My mom is a big fan of the show.)  My sister MB is a spot-on doppelganger of Jo.  We still needed the tissues because we were laughing so hard we were crying. 

After opening gifts, it was time for our annual look-alike shirt family photo.  (Please note that while my brother-in-law was at work, he was still "present" for the photo--just like last year.)

Before the evening fun, we all went for a walk.  First to the church that I grew up going to.

Two-year-old me.

All of us now.

Then through the woods.

After a quick dinner, we rushed out of the house to make it up to the dark wide-open fields to watch the International Space Station fly over. (Find it near you HERE.).   Then we sent off four flying Chinese lanterns.

And for the grand finale there were fireworks.

Such a fun and crazy day--the kind that makes your face hurt from laughing.  Good, good stuff. :)

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