Saturday, January 10, 2015

Christmas at Our House

A peek back at Christmas Day at our house.

(We celebrate Christmas here the day before Christmas Eve so that we can be with our families for the holidays.)

On Sunday night we slept under the tree.

Tuesday--Our Christmas Morning
(Super-fast video-HERE.)

First--Gifts made by M--a reindeer for Beza to be a buddy for the one she made in preschool and a cardboard roll look-a-like of T's favorite bear.

Christmas Hair. ;)


(Just a notebook of paper that looks like a cell phone--she "took calls" all day.)

Breakfast and Lunch 

The gift we saved for last.  Also, the one I almost didn't get because they are big and there are three of them.  But it was the only thing she asked for and I'm keenly aware that her days (years?) of playing are numbered.

Family gift.

And after a huge feast for dinner we celebrated Jesus's birthday with cake.

It was a beautiful Christmas Day. 

A few of their favorite gifts:
LEGO Bricks Creative Bucket
LEGO DUPLO Creative Cakes
Our Generation Food
Our Generation 4x4 Jeep
Ultra Stomp Rocket

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