Monday, November 24, 2014

Funnies: Always Ask

From time to time (a lot of the time, actually), T gets lost in his own world.

My best advice--always ask what he's thinking.  

His answers never fail to be surprising.

After a recent soccer game, J asked T why he seemed a bit distracted during the game.

T:  "Well, I was looking at someone on the side.  She had on a bad-guy coat." 
In our heads:  What exactly is a "bad-guy" coat?
T:  "And then I was trying to see her face to see if she was smiling so that she didn't look like a bad guy."
Us: "And?"
T:  "She wasn't smiling."
In our heads:  Yep, that explains the distraction.

Playing on the rocks in Central Park this past weekend.
T:  "Can I please have my hat?"
Me:  "Sure!  Are you getting cold?"
T:  "No.  I'm pretending this is for protection against getting my head-chopped off."
In our heads:  Of course.  That's exactly what we were thinking...

On a completing different topic, my sister texted me this of my three younger sisters.  Sadly, I am not in the picture.

This picture raises so many questions.  Not so much about the playing card costumes--they seem fairly benign.  It's really all just the eyeball. 

Why is Bubsy an eyeball and not a card?  Did she really like eyes?  (We asked Mom--she said she was going through a little-known eye phase.)  

Why is her head in the middle of the eye?  Is it because she's the pupil?  (Ha.Ha.)

What's with the dangling string?  And why does the eye have glitter circles on it?  Wouldn't that make for a terribly irritated eye?

But, really, even more than the actual eye--it's the outfit.  Is it all one piece?  Why pink?  Is she "pink eye?"  (That is scary.)  And the vest.  Oh...I remember those vests.  We each had one.  MB and I were vest twins.   They were silky in the back and floral in the front.  We thought they were beautiful.  And cool.  But, now I know.  (Please, oh, please, don't let these be the next fashion trend...)

Moral of the story:  When life feels tough, look at old pictures and laugh until you cry and realize what a gift those awkward moments are for today. ;)

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Five (Times Three)

So...since I last posted, nearly 3 weeks ago during our own political campaign, here's a bit of what we've been up to--

November 3-8
1.  We went on a really cool field trip with Beza's class to a Maple Syrup Farm.  I've always wanted to love maple syrup, but never have, UNTIL I tasted theirs.  We're hooked.

2.  Beza LOVES the feeling of long hair--she's usually wearing a tutu or something else on her head to feel like hair.  But, lately she's been wearing this long-haired headband...

3.  Bah!  I had to have a cavity filled.  But these two are pretty awesome waiting-room waiters.

4.  After filling our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes we went to a party at church to fill just a few more.   

On the way, there was the most beautiful sunset.  T said he expected to see God coming out of the clouds it was so amazing. ;)

5.  That Saturday, we went geo-caching for the first time at a friend's birthday party. 

November 9-15
1.  We've been up to the usual.  Schoolwork.

And talking to Pop about investments. (Seriously, we often ask ourselves where this kid came from.)

2.  The biggest reason why I've been away from the computer is that I've been painting the whole rest of the house white.  (Besides my bedroom--which requires a ladder I don't have--I'm done and really like it.)

3.  While I've been busy with the roller and brush, these guys have been playing (and sometimes sleeping) in their teepees.  (And using old wreaths as "tire swings.")
4.  A week that started with us outside around our new fire pit, 
ended with the first snow dusting of the season.

5.  At long last soccer is over!  (Coach Daddy tying my favorite orange player's shoe.)

November 16-21
1.  We started the week at a party for one of our little friends.  (How amazing is this cake made by his beautifully talented mom?  Unbelievably cool.)

2.  We finished The Complete Tales of Winnie-the-Pooh.  After the last chapter, M, T and I went through nearly a box of tissues crying a river of tears.  (Such a great book, but the ending hurts our hearts.)

3.  That night they held their own stuffed bears especially close.

4.  We read a really fun book at Barnes and Noble--The Secret Life of Squirrels.  The photographs inspired us to set up our own bird-feeding house.

5.  Speaking of birds, the kids spotted this red-tailed hawk just outside our house.

Phew...This week has had some good stuff, but it's been a tough parenting week.  We're thankful that the weekend is here. :)

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Pandora Turned Them Into Politicians

During the day we usually have Pandora streaming in the background.  Obviously, over the past few weeks there has a been a heavy emphasis on political ads.  And my kids can pretty much recite them word for word.

"Our capital is falling apart so that's why we need small business leaders like our candidate."

"Our candidate is a small business owner who knows how to get results."

(They did wonder what exactly "results" were. ;)

If 6- to 8-year-olds were their target audience, those Pandora ads would have been a huge success.

Anyway, on Election Day, after voting, we headed out to grab the supplies for our own mini-campaign--voting for best dessert--brownies or cannoli.
(I'm not sure that Beza could dream up a better idea--a dessert competition? Either way, she comes out a winner. ;)

T was on Team Cannoli while M was on Team Brownie.  J loves cannoli and I love brownies (chocolate anything, for that matter) and Beza just loves dessert.  We thought she was our swing vote.

All afternoon there was bargaining, bribing, threatening and promising of all sorts going on to try to convince Beza to vote on one side or the other.

M went all out with red, white and blue signage.  (To keep it more like real life and fair (perhaps not such a realistic political thing), she even made signs for T.)

She wrote out an outline of her speech beginning with the line, "This is a moment of a lifetime..." and ending with a note to herself to beg if necessary.  (All completely her own idea.)
(Measuring the desserts.)

In the end, Beza went with the cannoli (most likely placing her loyalty to one of her favorite buddies over her own love of chocolate) and J was the one that needed to be swayed (fresh warm brownies with ice cream and whipped cream nearly had him changing sides).  
(Nervous about what J would choose.  Also, our same face after some of the real election results.)

In the end, the winner was--

M took it well, and for all of her hard work we did concede to let her have one of her brownies.

We ended the night with these books.

So, what would you choose?

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

The Perfect Time to Lose It

T lost his first front tooth just a day or two before Halloween.  Could there be a better time? ;)

(Seriously, could they please just stop growing for a little while?)

A few peeks at Halloween Night.

The characters:
Tigger, a queen, and a (very serious) news reporter.

And for posterity: Me.

The hot chocolate table.

And jack-o-lanterns.

The loot.

And, then, well..., there was a straw in a goody-bag and a napkin nearby and it just was the right combination for teaching our lovely, until now, fairly well-mannered children how to blow spit balls.  It must have been candy-brain.  
(J had to teach me the correct technique, because I have managed to get to this age without ever shooting a proper one.)

And that was our Halloween 2014.

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Life With Books--Day 31 (The End)

As this series (this writing for 31 days straight-ish) comes to an end, it's clear ;) that our love for books runs deep.  They draw us together with common memories and incidental learning and inside jokes.

It comes out in conversations like this:

T: This is one of those books that you learn something from reading.
Me: What do you mean?
T: Like Frindle.
Me:  What do you mean?
T: Like how a whole word can change a town.
Me: What word is that?  Or what idea is like that in this book?
T: Well, like, it's good to read books.  And to believe in yourself.  And to not watch TV (laughing). 

(Said while reading Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story.)

Or when Beza bursts into song about the magic flute from the Magic Tree House.  And while she's listening during rest time, the other two stop playing so that they can hear the story (for the 10th time), too.

Or, now, because we're reading Winnie-the-Pooh we all walk around saying, "Ha. Ha." like Eeyore or "Tut-tut, looks like rain." like Pooh and Christopher Robin.

(Finding Pooh's "North Pole." ;)

(Reading a little version of Winnie-the-Pooh trying to get honey, while holding him and using a pen light like Kate's.)

It's scheming ways to get in the van so we can keep on listening to our story.

And looking forward every day to my most favorite thing to do with them--snuggling down with a good book.

Books make our lives richer.  They make us think and laugh and learn.  Yes, we love books. :)

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