Sunday, August 31, 2014

Funnies: High School Hair

When my sister was here a few weeks ago, we nearly died of laughter looking at old photos.  Our sides literally (as in, really and truly) ached from cracking up.

She brought this treasure with her.  Her second grade class picture I think.  (SO CUTE!)

BUT how did those bangs happen?  How did the person taking the picture not sweep them to the side to hide the large untrimmed chunk?  And the person who braided her hair so nicely--why did she NOT notice?

Our hypothesis:  After braiding her hair, maybe our mom stood back and thought that her bangs were hiding her pretty face so she did a quick hurry-we're-late-but-I-want-to-see-those-pretty-blues trim and didn't take a second look.  It for sure makes for awesome laughs nearly 30 years later. ;)

And then there were these.  My taken-at-home senior pictures-"The Blue Hat" version.  Why?  I don't recall ever wearing that hat in any other situation.  Perhaps I thought it matched my shirt? 
And the boots.  What in the world?  

 Please note how it is sitting atop my head so as to not crush my "natural" curls.  

Ahh...and then there's the hat-on-the-knee shot.  Because sitting around with a blue straw hat on your knee is very normal.

Laughter is good for the soul. :)

Friday, August 29, 2014

Five for the Week

A few bits and pieces from our week:

1.  Beza had her meet-and-greet the teachers at school this week.  She'll be going to preschool for 3 full days this year.

2.  We made and individually wrapped ~115 chocolate chip cookies for the college students.  (The funniest part of that whole process was face-timing J while he was at Micheal's looking for treat bags and baker's twine.)

3.  We stocked up on apples at the orchard this week. 

4.  M got her hair trimmed because she's tired of combing out the tangles. :)

5.  Also, we discovered that she's the only one of us that can arch her eyebrows villain-style. ;)  (The rest of us have boring rounded eyebrows.)

Happy Last Week of Summer!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Toilet Paper Eater (#TBT)

Eight years ago...
She was 10 months old.  

Daddy, someone must have left this door open and look what Riley (the cat) did...

No, there's no paper in my mouth. [gulp]

I promise, Daddy, I would NEVER eat paper.

(Because before I blogged, I Snapfished.  #TBT)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Um...That's Not Popcorn! (Bugs!)

At the lake the other day, a friend walked over holding a snack container and said, "Hey do you want to see this?"   I thought it was going to be a yummy treat.

It was this.
 A ridiculously gigantic caterpillar.  Like way bigger than my thumb.  And crazy colorful.
From the parking lot.
A quick google identified it as a Robin Moth Caterpillar.  Who knew?

A few more recent creature finds and my best guesses about what they are:

I'm totally cool with bugs until I start looking at spiders--then I get a huge case of the creepy-crawlies.  The nursery web spider was huge but until a big storm came it was always on the same plant.  Blech--now there's no telling where it is!
Nursery Web Spider (As long as my thumb) / Spined Micrathena (Totally looks like it's wearing a bustle.)                                  
And how are those Praying Mantids doing?  
They really are hard to find!  And I'm sure many met this same demise.

I did recently find this guy and I caught him doing his cool head-turning trick.

And from just this morning:
A huge Katydid.  And these prolific spiders from last year (Barn Spiders) that we kind of dig. ;)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ode to Friendship

Lo and many years ago I met the new girl at Church.  We were both hoping to have a new baby soon (T and Hannah) and adoption was a dream in our hearts.  Through the beautiful and the messy, over the past handful of years her friendship has been such a gift.  And our kids have become best buddies.

Last week we said "goodbye until next time" as they moved four hours away. 

I'm so thankful for the years that we've had living the day-to-day just a few minutes away from each other.  I'm also excited for their family as they start a new adventure.  And I'm grateful that she's just a phone call away (and/or a fun weekend trip. ;). 

Just a few of so very many memories:

Monday, August 25, 2014

Five for the Week

A few from last week...

1.  A baseball birthday party.

2.  The Banana-Backpack Incident.  M had been complaining about a banana smell in her room for days.  Then she came shrieking downstairs with her brand new backpack exclaiming that there was a black and white rotten banana in there.  A trail of fruit flies and fumes followed.  As if the sight, smell and feel of the banana wasn't quite bad enough, once the banana was removed (by a courageous, T), the bottom of the bag was covered with maggots.  Maggots.  

I thought the bag was a lost cause.  We left it out in the rain overnight.  The next morning I mustered my resolve and sprayed it down with a bleach spray.  The combination of airing it out along with the rain seemed to make a huge improvement.  After wiping it out I washed it and I think it's back in business.  

Lesson I hope we've learned:  Empty your bag after a trip--especially if it has food in it.  (The banana had been there for 20 days.  Gross.)

3.  Orchard-down-the-road goodness.

4.  A picnic walk.
(And just like the rest of us...if you should happen to see a tree that looks like you could climb it, by all means, climb away.)

5.  Weekend waterfront dinner.

Just 2 weeks left of summer!