Sunday, December 21, 2014

Five for the Week

1.  It's been a busy week of getting the Christmas cards ready and out the door.
(I've been having some stomach issues so two weeks ago I stopped drinking coffee (sadness) and eating gluten.  All of the late nights this past week have been fueled by almond crackers, cranberry juice and gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. ;)

I'm pretty sure that M is going to be taking over my job in no time.
She stamped all of them and wrote in half of them.

We also managed to get a few out to "the people who make a difference in our lives--what would we do if we didn't have garbage people?" (All written in by M.)

2.  Beza had her school Christmas Sing-a-long.  (I know, so totally blurry, but it was sweet.)

3.  Little dude had a sick-day.  He's also been especially sentimental as of late.  He really wanted his room to be like when he was 2 or 3--simpler with only one bin of toys and not a shelf of them.  We moved all of his superheroes to the basement and even braved Walmart for a replica of the bin he had when he was little. 
(Note: Besides a fever, he never actually got "sick" he just felt like he might.)

4.  We spent Saturday afternoon at a church party--a great way to start Christmas Week.

5.  And this morning Santa made his yearly firetruck appearance.

We are so excited to celebrate Christmas this week!

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