Thursday, December 04, 2014

Boo! in the City

Two Saturdays ago we spent the morning at the Guggenheim.  We've been reading 13 Buildings Children Should Know and it includes the Guggenheim.  (Fun book.  And as usual, I'm learning stuff that I probably should have known a long time ago.  Like that the famous Notre Dame is not symmetrical.)

We started the day with a croissant breakfast.
M was holding up her glove to the cafe window and doing this.
A sweet flight attendant popped her head in to say that M made her day.

Then we headed to the Guggenheim.
(It's fun to watch M and T actually stop and wonder at the art. :)

Then we crossed the street into Central Park.

 And admired the view from Belvedere Castle.

Before chatting with the friendly squirrels.  (Oh, and also tossing a few pebbles onto the frozen water to hear this crazy sound.)

And then finding this Pilgrim statue (perfect Thanksgiving timing).

It was a great day in the city.

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