Friday, December 05, 2014

10 for 2 (Weeks)

A peek back at Thanksgiving and such:

2.  We left for PA a day early to avoid the "big" snow.
3.  J celebrated his birthday.

4.  We headed over the river and through the woods to my parents house for Thanksgiving day.  (The church means that home is just around the bend.)
(My cousin pointed out that it looks like there's the outline of a man on the steeple.)

5.  Fruit and vegetable turkeys are funny.  

6.  We had fun:
Exploring an old bee nest.

Watching Beza and my sister play together--they're quite a pair.

Digging out old games from when I was little.

Playing a few crazy rounds of Spot It at the cabin with cousins.

And, in an unforseen twist of events, finding out that M loves bear meat.  (Did not see that one coming.)

7.  We came back from PA with our tree from J's grandparents tree farm.  And then we sat back and watched them decorate. 

Someday I will miss their decorating style.

8.  I took a "vacation day" on Wednesday. ;)
M made J a detailed schedule for the day.  She's such a good helper. ;)

9.  They put on a funny play.  (T had like 10 outfit changes and kept putting jeans on over thick sweatpants--quite a look.  Beza played the duckling.)

10.  Breaking out the scale always equals school fun. :)

And now we're getting ready for St. Nicholas Day tonight.

Happy Weekend!

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