Wednesday, November 05, 2014

The Perfect Time to Lose It

T lost his first front tooth just a day or two before Halloween.  Could there be a better time? ;)

(Seriously, could they please just stop growing for a little while?)

A few peeks at Halloween Night.

The characters:
Tigger, a queen, and a (very serious) news reporter.

And for posterity: Me.

The hot chocolate table.

And jack-o-lanterns.

The loot.

And, then, well..., there was a straw in a goody-bag and a napkin nearby and it just was the right combination for teaching our lovely, until now, fairly well-mannered children how to blow spit balls.  It must have been candy-brain.  
(J had to teach me the correct technique, because I have managed to get to this age without ever shooting a proper one.)

And that was our Halloween 2014.

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