Thursday, November 06, 2014

Pandora Turned Them Into Politicians

During the day we usually have Pandora streaming in the background.  Obviously, over the past few weeks there has a been a heavy emphasis on political ads.  And my kids can pretty much recite them word for word.

"Our capital is falling apart so that's why we need small business leaders like our candidate."

"Our candidate is a small business owner who knows how to get results."

(They did wonder what exactly "results" were. ;)

If 6- to 8-year-olds were their target audience, those Pandora ads would have been a huge success.

Anyway, on Election Day, after voting, we headed out to grab the supplies for our own mini-campaign--voting for best dessert--brownies or cannoli.
(I'm not sure that Beza could dream up a better idea--a dessert competition? Either way, she comes out a winner. ;)

T was on Team Cannoli while M was on Team Brownie.  J loves cannoli and I love brownies (chocolate anything, for that matter) and Beza just loves dessert.  We thought she was our swing vote.

All afternoon there was bargaining, bribing, threatening and promising of all sorts going on to try to convince Beza to vote on one side or the other.

M went all out with red, white and blue signage.  (To keep it more like real life and fair (perhaps not such a realistic political thing), she even made signs for T.)

She wrote out an outline of her speech beginning with the line, "This is a moment of a lifetime..." and ending with a note to herself to beg if necessary.  (All completely her own idea.)
(Measuring the desserts.)

In the end, Beza went with the cannoli (most likely placing her loyalty to one of her favorite buddies over her own love of chocolate) and J was the one that needed to be swayed (fresh warm brownies with ice cream and whipped cream nearly had him changing sides).  
(Nervous about what J would choose.  Also, our same face after some of the real election results.)

In the end, the winner was--

M took it well, and for all of her hard work we did concede to let her have one of her brownies.

We ended the night with these books.

So, what would you choose?

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