Monday, November 24, 2014

Funnies: Always Ask

From time to time (a lot of the time, actually), T gets lost in his own world.

My best advice--always ask what he's thinking.  

His answers never fail to be surprising.

After a recent soccer game, J asked T why he seemed a bit distracted during the game.

T:  "Well, I was looking at someone on the side.  She had on a bad-guy coat." 
In our heads:  What exactly is a "bad-guy" coat?
T:  "And then I was trying to see her face to see if she was smiling so that she didn't look like a bad guy."
Us: "And?"
T:  "She wasn't smiling."
In our heads:  Yep, that explains the distraction.

Playing on the rocks in Central Park this past weekend.
T:  "Can I please have my hat?"
Me:  "Sure!  Are you getting cold?"
T:  "No.  I'm pretending this is for protection against getting my head-chopped off."
In our heads:  Of course.  That's exactly what we were thinking...

On a completing different topic, my sister texted me this of my three younger sisters.  Sadly, I am not in the picture.

This picture raises so many questions.  Not so much about the playing card costumes--they seem fairly benign.  It's really all just the eyeball. 

Why is Bubsy an eyeball and not a card?  Did she really like eyes?  (We asked Mom--she said she was going through a little-known eye phase.)  

Why is her head in the middle of the eye?  Is it because she's the pupil?  (Ha.Ha.)

What's with the dangling string?  And why does the eye have glitter circles on it?  Wouldn't that make for a terribly irritated eye?

But, really, even more than the actual eye--it's the outfit.  Is it all one piece?  Why pink?  Is she "pink eye?"  (That is scary.)  And the vest.  Oh...I remember those vests.  We each had one.  MB and I were vest twins.   They were silky in the back and floral in the front.  We thought they were beautiful.  And cool.  But, now I know.  (Please, oh, please, don't let these be the next fashion trend...)

Moral of the story:  When life feels tough, look at old pictures and laugh until you cry and realize what a gift those awkward moments are for today. ;)

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