Saturday, November 22, 2014

Five (Times Three)

So...since I last posted, nearly 3 weeks ago during our own political campaign, here's a bit of what we've been up to--

November 3-8
1.  We went on a really cool field trip with Beza's class to a Maple Syrup Farm.  I've always wanted to love maple syrup, but never have, UNTIL I tasted theirs.  We're hooked.

2.  Beza LOVES the feeling of long hair--she's usually wearing a tutu or something else on her head to feel like hair.  But, lately she's been wearing this long-haired headband...

3.  Bah!  I had to have a cavity filled.  But these two are pretty awesome waiting-room waiters.

4.  After filling our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes we went to a party at church to fill just a few more.   

On the way, there was the most beautiful sunset.  T said he expected to see God coming out of the clouds it was so amazing. ;)

5.  That Saturday, we went geo-caching for the first time at a friend's birthday party. 

November 9-15
1.  We've been up to the usual.  Schoolwork.

And talking to Pop about investments. (Seriously, we often ask ourselves where this kid came from.)

2.  The biggest reason why I've been away from the computer is that I've been painting the whole rest of the house white.  (Besides my bedroom--which requires a ladder I don't have--I'm done and really like it.)

3.  While I've been busy with the roller and brush, these guys have been playing (and sometimes sleeping) in their teepees.  (And using old wreaths as "tire swings.")
4.  A week that started with us outside around our new fire pit, 
ended with the first snow dusting of the season.

5.  At long last soccer is over!  (Coach Daddy tying my favorite orange player's shoe.)

November 16-21
1.  We started the week at a party for one of our little friends.  (How amazing is this cake made by his beautifully talented mom?  Unbelievably cool.)

2.  We finished The Complete Tales of Winnie-the-Pooh.  After the last chapter, M, T and I went through nearly a box of tissues crying a river of tears.  (Such a great book, but the ending hurts our hearts.)

3.  That night they held their own stuffed bears especially close.

4.  We read a really fun book at Barnes and Noble--The Secret Life of Squirrels.  The photographs inspired us to set up our own bird-feeding house.

5.  Speaking of birds, the kids spotted this red-tailed hawk just outside our house.

Phew...This week has had some good stuff, but it's been a tough parenting week.  We're thankful that the weekend is here. :)

Happy Weekend!

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