Thursday, October 02, 2014

The Summer Pile (Books) (2/31)

Audio Books


Epically, On-the-Edge-of-Our-Seats Good
The Mysterious Benedict Society

Favorite Author (Andrew Clements)

Quite literally on the edge of our seats as we finished The Mysterious Benedict Society.  I LOVED the ending.

Inspired by the enterprising characters in Lunch Money, she's been busy making potholders, too.



(Making her own dolphin-shaped island while reading Island of the Blue Dolphins--even though when we looked up the real island, it really doesn't look very porpoise-shaped to us.)



(I know it's so cliche', but really the books were all so much better.)

(T puts this movie on his list along with Frozen and Little House on the Prairie--way too girlie.  I tell him that he'll be a great husband someday.  The best part, he doesn't argue--he just smiles.)

Started But Didn't Finish
Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (Classic Starts)
-We tried, but it was just too slow and wasn't keeping our interest enough to stick with it this time.

The Willoughbys
-We've really liked some of Lois Lowry's other books, but this one was disappointing.  I think this book is intended to be tongue-in-cheek funny, but I'm not sure kids are the right audience for that kind of humor.  The beginning at least starts with the kids wanting to ditch their parents and the parents wanting to get rid of their kids--my backseat crowd just didn't think that was okay.  And then when they started making light of orphans that was enough.

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