Wednesday, October 08, 2014

The Land In Between

Beza is in that stage were she doesn't necessarily need to take a nap every day, but she could.  She maybe falls asleep 2-4 days a week?  (She's 4.)

We have rest time every afternoon.  She snuggles up in her (giant) bed with a couple of stuffed animals and as many books as she wants.  Then we turn on a Magic Tree House CD.  Read-alouds (with big books) aren't her favorite just yet, but I'm hoping that some of the benefits of audio books seep in through osmosis during "nap"time. :)

I think it may be working. ;)  The other day M overheard Beza talking to her stuffed animals and she told them that while they were at school she would be going to Camelot (from the Magic Tree House books.). 

Yay for imagination and good stories.

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