Friday, October 17, 2014

Perfect Pairings (Coffee and a Magazine)

We found ourselves with a spare hour earlier this week so we spent it at Barnes and Noble.  I grabbed a coffee (half-caf--we've been out of decaf at home) and a muffin and croissants for M and T and we settled down with some magazines--a first for them.  

(A special issue on Robots from TIME for Kids.)

Nana has been getting them Highlights for a while now and they are well worn.  But we haven't explored too many other options yet.  

They are in LOVE with the Halloween issue of National Geographic Kids.  I'm thinking a subscription will make a great Christmas present.

(As for me, I would like to start getting Real Simple and Food Network Magazine again.  I've been missing them.)

Do you have any favorites?

(I actually came back the next day and bought them each their own copy of the magazine to help take up the time while they waited for me at an unexpected appointment.  They might have it memorized from cover to cover. :)

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