Monday, October 06, 2014

How to Find Good Books (6/31)

A few of my favorite places to find good books...

1.  This.  A book of booksI imagine that the interlibrary loaning system shudders when I sit down with the "book of books."

2.  Blogs.
A few of my favorite blogs (and an example post) for finding out about good books.

Also, this podcast--Reader-Aloud Revival.  
(This would also go on my Highly Recommended list--if I had one. ;)

3.  Amazon
Once I find a book we love, I often look at the recommended selection at the bottom of the page.  It's a never-ending rabbit trail of books.  Also, it's a great source of reviews.

4.  A trip to a book store.

Here's my system.  At the store I take pictures of the books that look good.  Then, I usually check them out of the library. (Again, I imagine them muttering under their breath.)  If we LOVE a book and I know that we'll read it over and over, I usually buy it.  This lets us read lots of books, have our own shelves full of our most-loved titles and supports our favorites.

5.  Recommendations from friends.

You say there's a book about a doughnut machine?  On it.  (Thanks, A-N.)
 Eating a fresh cider doughnut the day after reading about the day the doughnut machine made a few too many doughnuts.

What are some of the best ways you find out about good books?

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BTW, Annie Downs (one of my favorite authors) is participating in the Writing Challenge with her series 31 Books Every Young Woman Needs--can't wait!

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