Saturday, October 25, 2014

Five for the Week

1.  It's time for leaf mazes.

How comfortable does he make the ground look?

But then, there are ticks to consider and also we found this dude which we later discovered was a blister beetle.  While we were outside I thought that yellow stuff was just yellow spots on his legs.  Then, I saw this picture and realized, nope, that's the scary blister oil.  Yikes.

2.  On Tuesday we found out for sure that the lump under my arm is benign.  We are so relieved.  To celebrate we went out to dinner.  (I'm learning to never say "no" when there's an offer to go out.)  The restaurant owner treated the small crew to ice cream on-the-house.  

3.  They have not stopped talking about what they would do with this pumpkin if they won it.  

4.  So, we've been noticing for some time now that the recycling man puts our can back really, really far up our driveway compared to the rest of the neighborhood.  We think it's because he's kind-of saying "hi" maybe because on occasion our kids wave from the windows and they did make him some very nice Christmas cards.  Anyway, we look forward to noticing it every week. :)

5.  This week a few electronics have bit the dust.  I'm not actually sure which ones, but J is determined to fix them.  
(This picture makes me laugh because it looks like this is what we normally do--stand around looking at circuit boards.  But, we really don't.  At least not very often. ;)

P.S.  Happy Birthday, Mom!  See you soon!

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