Sunday, October 05, 2014

Five for the Week

A peek back.

1.  Monday started the week with a random tour of a few rare WWII planes.  Errands took us past our local airport where we spied an unusual plane in the air and a crowd gathered to watch it.  We called J and he joined us over lunch (also he paid our way :).  

(The next we day we were excited when two of them flew over our house and we actually knew what they were.  B-17G, P-51C, B-24.)

2.  The fall leaves have been beautiful in our own backyard.  It's almost time for leaf mazes!

3.  On Friday we went with a few other homeschoolers to a lighthouse on the river.  
(The touch-me-nots were abundant.)

4.  Friday's weather was also perfect for an outdoor movie night with friends.  (Dolphin Tale)

5.  Saturday was quite rainy.  T played soccer through the rain.
Beza, who has another cold, didn't make it out of the van.  :)  But she did surprise me with her spelling skills later.  

"Mommy, I can spell T's name.  Do you want to see?"  (So close with NO help at all plus his age.)
"Now, I can spell mine.  Let me get them."  (Her blocks were locked away in a doll house.)

And all week long we've been listening to Andrew Clements' Lunch Money and then Lost and Found .
Why:  Everyone in our family likes his stories--even J.  And they're relatively short (3-5 hours).
What we've noticed:  So far all of the stories we've listened to involve school--in particular middle school.  We end up loving the main character who in some way is trying to explore the limits.  There is almost always a teacher who takes a risk to help.  And there is also almost always a teacher in an antagonistic role who you also come to love.
Also: Our favorite narrator of a Clements' story is Keith Nobbs.  His voice fits so well.
And:  After posting the picture of M's potholders, my sister called in an order.  (Bless her heart.)
Now:  We're out of audiobooks and waiting for The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey to arrive.

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