Thursday, October 02, 2014

Every Book Has a Story... (31 Days of Writing)

It's time for the 31 Day Writing Challenge.  I wanted to write about something I'm passionate about--something that wouldn't use up too much brain space. :)  So this year, I'm writing about books.  Not book reports or critiques, but how books are a part of our ordinary lives.  Kind of like when you pick up a pumpkin spice latte and it stirs up all of these cozy, warm fallish memories--there are little moments in our day to day that bring up snippets from books.  Books are a common thread woven throughout our family story. 

And so this collection of posts is a kind of homage to the books we love through a glimpse at the real life of us.  The good, the hilarious and the we're-working-on-it.

All of the Posts in this Series:
1. Every Book Has a Story
2. The Summer Pile
3. Five for the Week (+Clements)
4. Art Class and Erasers 
5.  Funnies: Fork in the Road 
6.  How to Find Good Books
7. Voices
8. The Land In Between
9. When Librarians Sing...  
10. Five for the Week
11. Best of All
12. Funnies: Pearls
13. I Blame It On Not Having TV
14. Who Knew?  Winnie-the-Pooh
15. Perfect Pairings (Coffee and a Magazine)
16. Verses
17 & 18. Five for the Week
19. Children's Stories (Quote)
20. Funnies: Wobbly Spelling (And Counting)
21. Tree Houses (In Our Dreams)
22. Beza's Favorite
23. Where We Keep All The Books
24. I Couldn't Let it Go (White Walls)
25. Five for the Week
26. Only The Beginning (Quote)
27. Celebrating 9 Years
28. A Thing For Blue Sweatshirts
29. They Were Here (Again)
30. Five for the Week
31. Life With Books--Day 31 (The End)

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