Sunday, October 05, 2014

Art Class and Erasers (4/31)

This past week we started taking an online art class through Craftsy.  We're taking the Drawing with Colored Pencils class.

Yesterday, because of the rain, we pulled out our new colored pencils and started the first lesson.

So much fun!  We already have A LOT of colored pencils, but we ordered a small set of the ones suggested for class and they are phenomenal.  I'm afraid that we're going to become colored pencil snobs.  Also, we used a Blender Pencil.  Who even knew there was such a thing as a clear pencil that blends the colors? 

I also ordered a few erasers because we seem to go through erasers like water around here.  These things are the biggest hit--in particular the Kneaded Eraser (not pictured because they've been smuggled away into their rooms).

Along the way we've found some really great books about art.  One of my absolute favorites is Beautiful Oops!.  These people around here are prolific artists.  And we have our fair share of frustrations when things don't turn out just right.  Beautiful Oops! is a graphic book that takes "mistakes" (like coffee spills and torn papers) and turns them into masterpieces.  We reference it ALL. THE. TIME.  "Just turn it into something else.  You get to be creative!"

Other favorites:
The Dot
Perfect Square

And to inspire them and get them involved in art these books are AMAZING!  We checked them out of the library first and then just like Beautiful Oops!, ordered them to keep.  (If I had a Highly Recommended List--these would be on it.)
The Art Book for Children
The Art Book for Children - Book Two

We also have a handful of these art books just to introduce famous artists and works of art.
Pop Warhol's Top

Please let me know about the art books that you love. :)

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