Friday, September 05, 2014

When There Was One--At the Beach (#TBT)

Seven Years Ago

In M's Words
Little girl, big personality.

So, we're at the beach this week.

At first I wasn't crazy about the water and sand.

But now I just love it!
I just came out of the water and I'm warming up with snuggly clothes and a snack.

Hey!  Check that out!

A balloon! (A parasail.)

So, anyway, I can jump in the water.

 And I don't even care if it gets in my eyes.

That's how much I love it.

On The Boardwalk
(Is this what she thought we looked like as drivers?)
I am a racecar driver.

Racecar drivers sure do have to crouch to reach the wheel.


Looking at the boardwalk.

T on the Way
Group shot.

(Because before I blogged, I Snapfished.)

 We're celebrating the end of the summer and keeping up our family tradition back at one of our favorite places this week, too. :)

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