Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Five for the Week

A few bits from last week.

1.  A peek at school...

A morning spent watching this stick bug. 

Working on math skills.

Learning about craters (like Mercury's surface).

An afternoon treat.  Pumpkin frappuccinos.

A morning dentist appointment.  Cavity free--YAY!  
Also, this quote on the office wall is beautiful.

2.  A day hike with friends on a day off from school.

In the water up to his knees with nary a complaint.  

To catch a crayfish.

3.  Beza had a great week at school.   I nearly cried when she came home with an empty lunch dish.  (Instead I took a picture.)

And I always feel like cheering when she eats (gobbles might be a better word) up pasta sauce.  (Dinner out on Friday.)

This week she was actually charging down the field in the soccer.  Go, Beza!

4.  A weekend hike to a mirror lake.

Where he had the best time walking down a spider-web infested pipe catching frogs.

5.  A Sunday picnic at a Vanderbilt mansion.  

We like to pretend that it's our house.  Our country house.  
Oh, this front door?  It's nothing fancy.

We also happed upon this monster praying mantis.  (I kind of feel like this could be the year of the praying mantids--I've never seen so many in my whole life.)
And Beza found this caterpillar.  It was attached to the stick so we brought it home and what do you know?  It turned into a chrysalis. Wild.

It was a good week.  (A little buggy, but good.)

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