Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Five for the Week (First Week of School)

A few bits from last week...

1.  It was the first week of school.  M-3rd grade, T-1st grade and Beza full-day Pre-K three days a week.

(Some are more excited than others. ;)

(A few first morning gifts.  (From Stubby Pencil--phenomenal packaging.))

2.  Tuesday morning started with me asking M to brush the crumb off her cheek.  It didn't budge.
That's a freshly attached tick.  In the morning.  Without going outside.  Not.  Cool.

3.  Two new additions this week.

This monstrosity of a keyboard.  When you're planning a fun play space, making room for a ginormous keyboard isn't at the top of the list. ;)  BUT, he loves it and takes his lessons pretty seriously. (We'll take the enthusiasm while it lasts.)

Also, a chess board.  (Riveting, I know.)  (T likes to play both sides at once.  He always wins. ;)

4.  Soccer's back.  M is stepping out this season, but Beza is filling her shoes.  

Though, not literally, because she has such small feet that we actually had to buy her smaller shoes than we already have.
 (We forgot to bring socks to try on with shoes, so J generously shared his for the occasion.)

5.  And mostly we're just adjusting to getting back on a scheduled schedule. :)
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